Our Values

Scratch Marketing is a highly respected full-service marketing and communications agency providing a diverse range of innovative solutions to Calgary and area clients. Scratch is committed to dispensing exceptional guidance to assist clients in navigating the often complex and choice-filled marketing landscape. We think differently; we work differently; and we get different results!

We do it all (well…almost…we won’t do dishes). Our enthusiastic multidisciplinary team can deliver everything from a strategic marketing plan, an engaging social media campaign, a gripping media release, a cutting edge app or website, a smashing event, a complete re-brand your product (or your whole company) and so much more.

As proponents of lifelong learning our motivated professionals keep up with current industry trends and work together combining areas of expertise for the best advice in the business.

We deliver. We will devise a strategy tailored to your specific needs aimed to creatively and
resourcefully meet your goals and objectives. We will walk with you hand-in-hand as a trusted partner in your business.

We say what we mean. We are up-front and will discuss your options in a straightforward manner. We hold ourselves accountable (and you can too) for timely service and transparent billing.

We know our stuff. Our multi-faceted team of creatives have over 100 years of combined experience. This means we’ve seen it all, heard it all and have solutions appropriate to your unique situation


  • We are trusted professionals working in the best interests of our clients. We are problem solvers.
  • We support our clients by educating them on the process, reassuring them, presenting options and working as an integrated part of their business team.
  • Our unique retainer structure is simple, straightforward and establishes aligned expectations upfront. No surprises or scope creep.
  • We meet with our clients often. Open communication and accessibility is paramount to mutual success.
  • We contribute to the profession by holding high ideals, maintaining flawless standards, continuously learning, and pushing boundaries.