The Pineapple Principle

Greetings from Scratch Marketing. We have a vibrant new website and we’re so pleased! As you traverse through the pages you may notice something a bit unusual. Amidst the typical value statements and gallery of work samples, a frequent image silently but confidently sits in a position of prominence. An image that at first glance doesn’t seem to fit at all. So, upon review, you may reasonably be asking, “What the heck is with the pineapples”?

It’s not just the fact that as a group of creatives we are drawn to the design aesthetic of this modest fruit – its natural symmetry, its whimsical pattern, its intriguing angles and its tropical colours – or the fact that ‘pineapple’ has become an inside joke as a naming convention whenever we design a new brand for a client looking for a refresh. No, it’s so much more than that.

The humble pineapple has a long and storied history going back to ancient South American tribes. Traditionally used as a symbol of welcome and hospitality, this sweet delight, has evolved over the years to embody the concepts of friendship, positivity, optimism, warmth and openness. Concepts that perfectly align with our philosophy of working with people. It’s important for us to become a seamless part of each client’s team and culture. We communicate frequently and transparently and are unfailingly honest. We aim to bring relentless enthusiasm and strive to create positive opportunities and feel-good solutions.

Recently we learned some new information about the far eastern symbolism associated with the pineapple and we are absolutely obsessed! In those cultures, the pineapple, because of its many eyes, is reputed to see the opportunities ahead – and faster than all others. This too resonates strongly with how we want to interact with the world and convey our knowledge.

Our ‘pineapple principle’ is an important part of our world view as a team of colleagues, friends, and industry professionals. In the spirit of the pineapple we bid you welcome and good cheer. Welcome to our community. Welcome to our family. Let’s sit down and get to know each other! Maybe over a bowl of fruit?