Digital Marketing Campaign: Cedarglen Living

Cedarglen Living is a busy homebuilder in Calgary specializing in multi-family housing such as apartments and townhouses. They are prolific in many areas of the city, often having units in communities in opposite ends of town. One of Cedarglen Living’s unique marketing challenges is that each community where they sell properties has a different look, feel, culture and even target customer and therefore different messaging and strategies need to be employed.

Like most businesses, the majority of the company’s customer base can be found online across various mediums. Scratch Marketing devised, monitored, and maintained ongoing digital media advertising campaigns for each individual community capitalizing on their unique features and selling points. In addition, separate websites distinctively branded for each project were created, alongside a main corporate website and other marketing tactics including social media promotions, virtual tours, chat features and videos.

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    Cedarglen Living

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